State Wise IPO's by Calendar Year 2021

  • An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a way for private companies to raise funds from the public and get listed on the stock exchange. On the day following the IPO, shares of the company begin trading day-to-day at the exchange.

    100’s of companies raise capital through IPOs each year in India. Many companies from across India have listed at popular stock exchanges.

    For the following reasons, companies in some states in India (i.e. Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Delhi) offer more IPOs than others:

    • In terms of business activities, these states are more active.
    • Several companies have their headquarters in these states as they are financial hubs.
    • The people in these states are more aware of how to raise funds through the stock market.

    Here is a list of state-by-state information about the number of companies that raised funds from the given state in 2021:

State wise IPO Companies in India in 2021:

Madhya Pradesh2
Tamil Nadu3
Uttar Pradesh2
West Bengal2


  • In this report, the Public Issue Open Date is used as the date.
  • The Registered Office of the Issuer Company is used by the State.
  • FPO, right issues, and OFS are not included in this report.
  • Only listed companies are included in the list. The withdrawn IPOs are not displayed.
  • Main-line issuers and small businesses are included in the list.

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