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Initial Public Offering

Find out about upcoming IPOs here. This page contains all the details about the issue. In addition, we predict the listing price of IPO that will be listed on the NSE or BSE.

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Terminology for IPOs:

  • Exchange: The stock exchange on which the shares are proposed to be listed. Mainline IPO’s are listed on NSE and BSE. The SME IPOs are listed on the NSE EMERGE or BSE SME platforms of their respective exchanges.
  • IPO Open Date / Issue Close Date: The opening and closing date of the IPO bidding process. During this time only, investors can apply to an IPO.
  • Lot Size: The minimum count of shares an investor can apply for in an IPO. The lot size of ‘400’ means that an investor must bid on at least 400 shares.
  • Issue Price: The price per equity share. IPOs can be classified as either book building or fixed price offerings. An IPO with a book-building component will have a price range, say between Rs 120 and 125, and investors will have to bid within that range. A fixed price issue has a specific bid price.
  • Issue Size: The total monetary value of the IPO. It is calculated by multiplying the number of shares offered by the company by the issue price per share.

IPO Subscription Vs Listing Gain:

Public issues (IPO) subscriptions and their price movements at Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on the day of the listing are detailed in this report.

State Wise IPO’s by Calendar Year 2021:

Find how many companies from given State in India raised money through stock market through IPO.

2021 Rights Issues:

Find all rights issues of 2021 list here.