IPO Subscription Vs Listing Gain

In this report, we describe the Mainline public issues (IPO’s) subscriptions and their price movement on the day of listing at the BSE and NSE in India. All IPO’s listed after 2007 are covered in the report.

A definition of each column title is provided at the bottom of the page. Please contact us if you have any questions about this report or if you find a data error.

Note: This report does not include information about BSE SME and NSE Emerge IPOs

Number of Times Issue SubscribedListing Day Gain / Loss at BSE
Issuer CompanyListing DateIssue PriceIssue Size
(Rs Cr)
QIBNIIRIIEMPTotalOpen PriceLow PriceHigh PriceClose Price*  % Change
Zomato Limited IPO
Jul 23, 2021769,375.0051.7932.967.450.6238.25115114138125.8565.59
Clean Science and Technology Ltd IPO
Jul 19, 20219001,546.62156.37206.43993.411784.41555.051784.41585.276.13
G R Infraprojects Limited IPO
Jul 19, 2021837963.28168.58238.0412.571.37102.58170015501838.81746.8108.70
India Pesticides Limited IPO
Jul 5, 2021296800.0042.9551.8811.329.04360340.15368343.1515.93
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Limited IPO
Jun 28, 20218252,143.745.261.892.91.063.861008.99501057.95995.920.72
Dodla Dairy Limited IPO
Jun 28, 2021428520.1884.8873.2611.3445.62528528633.6609.142.31
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Limited IPO
Jun 24, 20212915,550.003.460.391.582.28302.4295.15362.85362.8524.69
Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited IPO
Jun 24, 2021306909.00155.71339.9811.641.55121.43367367399.1375.8522.83
Macrotech Developers Limited IPO
Apr 19, 20214862,500.003.051.440.40.171.36439421.15477.9463.15-4.70
Barbeque Nation Hospitality Limited IPO
Apr 7, 2021500452.875.
Nazara Technologies Limited IPO
Mar 30, 20211101582.91103.77389.8975.297.55175.4619711576.82026.91576.843.22
Kalyan Jewellers India Limited IPO
Mar 26, 2021871,175.002.761.912.823.742.6173.9738175.3-13.45
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd IPO
Mar 26, 2021305582.342.181.313.090.342.37293262.05295.95276.2-9.44
Laxmi Organic Industries Limited IPO
Mar 25, 2021130600.00175.43217.6220.1106.81156.2143174.5164.626.62
Craftsman Automation Limited IPO
Mar 25, 20211490823.705.212.843.443.8213501349.214891433-3.83
Anupam Rasayan India Limited IPO
Mar 24, 2021555760.0065.7497.4210.771.7144.06534.7501.15548.95525.9-5.24
Easy Trip Planners Limited IPO
Mar 19, 2021187510.0077.53382.2170.4159.33206187233.15208.311.39
MTAR Technologies Limited IPO
Mar 15, 2021575596.41164.99650.7928.4200.791063.91035.711541082.2588.22
Heranba Industries Limited IPO
Mar 5, 2021627625.2467.45271.1511.8483.29900796.35944.95812.2529.55
RailTel Corporation of India Limited IPO
Feb 26, 202194819.2465.1473.2516.783.3542.39104.6104.6125.5121.429.15
Nureca Limited IPO
Feb 25, 2021400100.003.131.59166.654.8239.93634.95603.25666.65666.6566.66
Stove Kraft Limited IPO
Feb 5, 2021385412.638.0232.7226.0418.03467435.05495.55445.9515.83
Home First Finance Company India Ltd. IPO
Feb 3, 20215181,153.7252.53396.5926.66612.15521.65639.5527.41.81
Indigo Paints Limited IPO
Feb 2, 202114901,176.00189.57263.0515.932.5117.022607.52428.231293118.65109.31
Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited IPO
Jan 29, 2021264,633.383.782.673.6643.763.492524.325.824.85-4.42
Antony Waste Handling Cell Limited IPO
Jan 1, 2021315300.009.6718.6916.5515.04430394.6492.75407.2529.29
Antony Waste Handling Cell Limited IPO
Jan 1, 2021315300.000.640.287.223.85430394.6492.75407.2529.29
Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Limited IPO
Dec 24, 2020288540.54176.85620.8629.3345.46198.02501500601.2595.55106.79
Burger King India Limited IPO
Dec 14, 202060810.0086.64354.1168.15156.65115.35108.4138.4138.4130.67
Gland Pharma Limited IPO
Nov 20, 202015006,479.556.40.510.242.061701170118501820.4521.36
Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd IPO
Nov 2, 202033517.603.910.222.081.841.953130.133.0532.75-0.76
Likhitha Infrastructure Ltd IPO
Oct 15, 202012061.2021.991.5423.719.51130.1125136.6136.613.83
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited IPO
Oct 12, 2020145443.6989.71678.8835.633.88157.41216.25173216.6517319.31
UTI Asset Management Company Ltd IPO
Oct 12, 20205542,159.883.340.932.321.342.31490.25471.1530476.6-13.97
Angel Broking Ltd IPO
Oct 5, 2020306600.005.740.694.313.94275256.6296.45275.85-9.85
Computer Age Management Services Ltd IPO
Oct 1, 202012302,244.3373.18111.855.541.1646.9915181306.215501401.613.95
Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Limited IPO
Oct 1, 2020340318.00113.54449.1441.15149.3730.95584.8743.8584.872.00
Route Mobile Ltd IPO
Sep 21, 2020350600.0089.76192.8112.6773.3708625735651.186.03
Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd IPO
Sep 17, 2020166702.0277.43351.4670.94150.98351351395371123.49
Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO
Jul 23, 2020425496.4985.26239.837.2379.37670663.55804742.3574.67
SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd IPO
Mar 16, 202075510,354.7757.1845.232.54.7426.54658658755683.2-9.51
Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd IPO
Dec 30, 2019178500.003.541.211.892.21160152.6177.95166.6-6.40
Manaksia Limited IPO
Dec 26, 2019160248.0013.72.735.090.058.98200161.55248.7168.15.06
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd IPO
Dec 12, 201937750.00110.7247348.97165.665853.162.855.951.08
CSB Bank Limited IPO
Dec 4, 2019195409.6862.18164.6844.4686.91275275307300.153.90
Precision Pipes and Profiles Company Ltd IPO
Dec 2, 201915075.005.038.5818.710.35160132.6175138.65-7.57
Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd IPO
Oct 15, 20196060.0011.760.641.1261.260.2561.260.350.58
Oct 14, 2019320645.12108.79354.5214.835.81111.91644625743.8728.6127.69
Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd IPO
Aug 20, 20197803,
Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd IPO
Aug 19, 20198561,202.343.110.550.091.05824690865848.4-0.89

Subscription information of IPO :

  • QIB: Qualified Institutional Buyer
  • NII: Non Institutional Investor
  • RII: Retail Individual Investor
  • EMP: Employee Reservations
  • Others: Any other category of investors
  • Total: Number of Times Issue is Subscribed (BSE + NSE)

Listing day trading information of IPOs :

  • Issue Price: The price of share issued to public.
  • Open Price: The price at which the first trade happened on listing day.
  • Low Price: The lowest price IPO share traded on listing day.
  • High Price: The highest price IPO share traded on listing day.
  • Close Price: The listing day closing price of IPO share.
  • % Change: Percent gain/loss from Issue price to the close Price

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